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MFilter è il brand di proprietà della Baltic Filter Uab, compagnia lituana leader nella produzione di filtri del settore automotive. Il catalogo MFilter è tra i più completi d’Europa e la compagnia è sempre attenta alle esigenze della clientela, con una gamma in continua espansione, perfetta il mercato italiano.


1. How long does it take to complete a strata painting project?

Well, it depends on the very size of the project, planning, equipment, workforce, and several other factors. We recommend you discuss your requirements with our team and get a complete understanding of the timeframe.

2. Can you transform my building with a fresh coat of paint in?

Yes, of course. Our professional team of strata painters can do the job for you, ensuring high-quality workmanship and on-time completion of the project.

3. Can strata paint withstand the weather of Vancouver?

Indeed. It is renowned for UV protection, water-resistance, and helps you enhance your exteriors. We’d highly recommend you look at get your building painted to withstand all elements of our weather.

4. How much do you charge for strata painting?

Again, it depends on the square feet area and the project scope. Please feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss. Give us a call at 604-357-4787.